Audience Chuckles At Overused Guest Speaker Humor

Despite few chuckles, Bashir was persistent with his attempts at humor.

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL – Ahmed Bashir elicited few chuckles last Saturday during the Islamic Society of Northwest Suburbs’ annual fundraising dinner.

“I know nobody wants to listen to me when there is a delicious food right there, but you will have to wait,” Bashir said in his speech opening.

Scattered, polite laughter could be heard from the audience.

Afterwards, Bashir commented, “It’s funny to use food as bait for my audience you know.”

Not everyone had a polite reaction,however. Attendee Omar Saleh candidly commented, “Trust me the food ain’t delicious, but his speech ain’t any better. That [expletive] needs to step.”

It was the 12th time this month Bashir mentioned “waiting for dinner” during his customary two hour intro speech.

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