Netanyahu Quietly Asks Elon Musk To Change Gaza’s Wifi Password

During a trip to Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked Elon Musk to change Gaza's Wifi password.

On Monday, Benjamin Netanyahu quietly asked Elon Musk to change Gaza’s wifi password in order to prevent Palestinians from broadcasting real-time images of devastation and genocidal crimes to the rest of the world via social media.

Netanyahu made the request of Musk during the billionaire’s visit to Israel to address “information security” matters.

“I am not someone who is – how you say – tech savvy – or – how you say – honest,” said Netanyahu to Musk as he walked him over to a data closet right outside the Gaza strip.

“Perhaps you can reset the password to something else like ‘ithamasfault123’ or ‘ilovekillingbabies01’ or ‘idontwashmyhandsafterpeepee00’ so that they can’t log on.”

The Israeli Prime Minister also asked Musk to clear his web browsing history while he was at it.

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