Friday, December 13, 2019
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Khateeb Clearly Has to Get Back to Best Buy After This

Worshippers at the Farmington Hill Islamic Center were distracted by Musa Ibrahim's Best Buy uniform as he gave the Friday sermon during his lunch break.

Farmington Hills, MI – The Best Buy uniform worn by the Khateeb, (title for the person giving a sermon) at Friday prayers did not go unnoticed by worshippers at the Farmington Hills Islamic Center. Congregants made a probable assumption that he was headed back to work right after this.

During his sermon, 26 year old Musa Ibrahim likened extended protection plans, and bonus point perks to supplemental acts of obedience.

“Brothers and Sisters, sure it’s not obligatory to fast outside of Ramadan,” lectured Ibrahim, as he spoke about the Prophetic tradition of fasting on Thursdays throughout the year. “But we could all use the extra reward points to get into heaven, and redeem those non-expiring certificates for when we expire.”

He went on to compare the levels of heaven, and used the analogy of general audio inventory versus what’s available in the higher-end Magnolia section of the store.

“He really pushed hard on that extended protection plan comparison,” commented regular mosque attendee, as he sat down in the lobby to put his shoes back on. “Up until that sermon, I doubted my faith. But now everything has gotten much more clear, vivid with unbelievable black levels, higher refresh rates and improved motion blur processing.”

“And remember brothers and sisters, if you’re ever feeling alone and in need of help, you can always reach out to me,” said Ibrahim in closing. “It doesn’t have to be me, it can be anyone from the community, as none of us work on commission.”

Saudi Introduces New High Speed Tawaf Train

Tawaf High Speed Train
Saudi Arabia's latest effort to modernize Hajj for over 3 million pilgrims per year includes a train that can do tawaf at speeds up to 300 km/h.

Mecca, KSA – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken another step to modernize Islam’s holiest city of Mecca. Now worshippers can conduct their tawaf, the circumambulation of the Kaaba required during Umrah and Hajj, at speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour. This after the Saudi government unveiled a high-speed train that races in a circle seven times before screeching to a halt.

The Kingdom has been rolling out high-speed trains to address logistical transportation challenges experienced during the Hajj, and feels “The Tawaf Express” streamlines the fulfillment of a cornerstone ritual required of every pilgrim.

“There is no logistical aspect of Hajj that cannot be addressed by a high speed train,” said head engineer Khaled El-Sharouf. “Getting from Medinah to Mecca, high speed train. Doing Tawaf, high speed train. Doing ablution, high speed train with showerheads. Holding dissenting journalist accountable, high speed train… equipped with high speed bone saw of course…”

Not without failures, the train has derailed 1,456 times within the first 24 hours of operation, thanks in part to the massive centrifugal force exerted by the five-star luxury hotel in each car, and a soaring clock tower in tow.

On Tuesday, the braking system failed as 250 passengers were stuck on the train for 2 hours.

“We kept going and going, and went around the kaaba 2,500 times,” said one pilgrim from the United Kingdom. “That’s like 350 umrahs.”

Most other passengers were unavailable to share their experience with Islamica News, as many suffered whiplash or severe nausea and had to be rushed to nearby hospitals… on high speed train of course.


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Kanye West Speaks To His Bass

Observers dismissed Kanye West's confusing rant in the Oval Office as him simply "speaking to his bass."

Washington, DC – In a bizarre turn of events, Rapper Kanye West met Thursday with Donald Trump, telling the President in an Oval Office meeting before reporters why he has been a big fan of the POTUS.

News analysts claim that the perplexing and beatless dialogue exchanged with Trump was simply West “speaking to his bass.”

“Kanye always does this when he freestyles,” said wife Kim Kardashian. “He’s just trying to find a backbeat to his hook… without it, he just sounds crazy.”

Fallout from the artists erratic behavior is expected, and the artist may find himself in even more treble.

Khabib to Senate: “I LIKE BEAR.”

On Wednesday, UFC Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov testified before the U.S. Senate. Throughout his testimony, Nurmagomedov pointed out that he "liked bear."

Washington, DC – On Wednesday, UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov testified before the U.S. Senate, responding to questions about the melee that followed his victory over Conor McGregor. Today’s discussion primarily centered around the fighter’s adolescence, and his history with bear during that period of his life.

Islamica News has obtained a transcript of the hearing. Below is an excerpt:

Senator: First of all Mr. Nurmagomedov, congratulations to you on your victory. But sir, you jumped out of the Octagon right after the fight and that’s a violations of the rules. Unacceptable.

Khabib: He talked about my religion, my country, my father. He broke bus. So why people talk about me jumping over cage? I like bear.

Senator: Mr. Nurmagomedov, we’ll get to your history with bears in a moment, but you’re looking at some pretty serious fines not to mention a possible suspension and stripping away of your title.

Khabib: When I go home I know my father gonna smash me. Then I gonna smash bear. Maybe we share bear, smash together. I told you, bear is like tap machine.

Senator: I’m sorry you have bear on tap?!? Never mind. How many bears do you smash?

Khabib: I dunno, maybe something like 2… 3… 20. Something like this. I lose count. I like bear.

Senator: Have you ever blacked out from bear?

Khabib: I don’t know. Have you?

Lindsey Graham: WHO DOESN’T LIKE BEARS! I LOVE BEARS TOO! This whole thing is shameful!

Khabib: Who is crazy guy? Come to Dagistan. My father, he smash you too… Inshallah.

Senator: Anything else?

Khabib: Yes, who is man sleeping under table?

Senator: That’s Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh: I like beer.

Khabib: Not me. I like bear.

Khabib has been with bear throughout his younger life. Khabib really likes bear.