Biden: “We Must Condemn The Evil Forces of Terror, Except When It’s Israeli Sanctioned Genocide. Then It’s Kinda Cool.”

On Tuesday, President Biden condemned terrorism, unless it's sanctioned by Israel. Then it's A-OK!

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden issued a forceful condemnation against Hamas and its attacks against the Israeli people. Below is the transcript of that statement.

“We strongly condemn these acts of violence, and the massacre of the Israeli people. There is no room for terror, except of course when it’s an Israeli sanctioned brutal campaign against the Palestinian people. Because f@!k logic, right?

We support Israel’s right to indiscriminately bomb the most densely populated area of land in the world, even if it results in the deaths of most if not all innocent men, women and children.

Hospitals? F ‘em.

Shelters? F ‘em.

Mosques? Embrace Jesus.

Churches? Embrace Jesus more.

We also support the shooting of independent journalists and the indefinite detainment of children, because… umm… LOOK HAMAS!

We’ll pretend the people of Gaza have a choice BUT we must maintain silence on the ongoing humanitarian disaster that is Gaza – the blockade by land, air and sea. The lack of clean water, the lack of medicine, the lack of power, and the lack of food. We must parade these prison-like conditions as sovereignty and autonomy because… LOOK HAMAS!

To all the people of Palestine who have no say or voice in their destiny- why you mad bro?”

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