Friend Refuses to Forgive Man Departing For Hajj "No way, no how – not after all the crap he’s put me through."

Mohsin Ali refuses to forgive his friend Abdul Khan. Abdul Khan had emailed his friends and requested they all forgive him prior to his departure for Hajj.

Houston, TX – “If there’s anything I’ve done to offend you, please forgive me before I embark on the spiritual journey of my lifetime,” read an email sent by 38-year-old Abdul Khan one day prior to his departure for Hajj.

For Muslims around the world, Hajj is a required pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca. In preparation for their trip, many Muslims go through a mental, spiritual and social cleansing process – one that includes seeking forgiveness from friends and family members.

“HELL NO!” reacts an angry Mohsin Ali, as he scans the email on his iPhone during a smoke break at work. Ali has known Khan for more than twelve years, but the two haven’t talked in over 10 months due to a “falling-out.”

“I can’t believe he just casually sends this BS request a day before he goes all holier-than-thou on us.”

Others who received Khan’s email responded in similar fashion. The following is a list of reactions by Ali’s friends who refused to forgive him:

“For all the BS he’s put me and my family through — does he think we’d give him a pass because he decided to cc 50 people on some half-assed plea for forgiveness?!? Oh and he still owes me $20.” – Alan Hughes, Khan’s Neighbor

“IF he’s done something to offend me?!? What does he mean IF he’s done something?!? That fool KNOWS he did something.” – Alicia Mazhar, Khan’s Colleague

“He married my fiancé on my wedding day… on the same stage we made for MY wedding! Who does that?!?” – Rashid Siddiqui, Khan’s best friend.

“He married my daughter. Jerk.” – Younis Uddin, Khan’s Father-in-law

“He scares ME.” – Donald J. Trump, Candidate for U.S. President

As Khan heads for the airport, he remains oblivious of the strong resentment shared across his social circles, and looks forward to his spiritual, guilt-free experience in Mecca.

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