“Happy Pakistan Independence Day!” Says Man Who Got The Hell Out of There 40 Years Ago

Never Go Backistani
Khalid Ibrahim, who immigrated to the USA over 40 years ago, claims he loves his native country of Pakistan so much, he never wants to go back.

“Happy Pakistan Independence Day!!!” exclaimed Khalid Ibrahim, who got the hell out of that country over 40 years ago.

“I will always have pride in my beautiful Pakistan,” said the 72 year old retired engineer who made a conscious decision to uproot himself, abandon his loved ones, and flee the turmoil in Karachi in search of a much better life.

“100% of me is Pakistani,” said Ibrahim as he looked away from his US dollar-backed portfolio of investments, to gaze at an old picture of himself on the first flight he could afford out of his motherland.

Asked if he was going to ever “go back” to his beloved homeland, Ibrahim replied, “HELL NO! Why the f$&k would I do that?”

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