Ice Nihari Challenge Goes Horribly Wrong

Lakhani mere moments before the horror unfolded.

SPOKANE, WA – A YouTuber landed in the ER earlier after an unsuccessful attempt at creating a new Internet trend. 28 Year Old Kamal Lakhani froze a large pot of his mother’s nihari, a traditional Indian/Pakistani stew consisting of beef and the spiciest broth known to mankind, and poured the icy mix over his head to promote a social cause.

First responders wore hazmat suits as eyewitnesses claim toxic fumes “wafted a mile or two away.”

“After he froze the nihari, it was basically one solid chunk so I thought he wouldn’t do it,” stated his longtime friend and cameraman Tahir Mubarak. “Kamzu be cray cray!”

Lakhani appears on video flipping the pot above his head, followed by a large ice boulder smashing into his skull. Upon impact, the boulder breaks in two and the large metal pot itself decimates Lakhani. He suffered numerous head lacerations as a blood/nihari mixture streamed down his face.

“The screams that came after…haunting,” stated YouTube commenter Shawn Masala. “If he wasn’t mentally handicapped before, I’m certain that he is now.”

Unfortunately for Lakhani, his troubles didn’t end there. After pummeling his cranium with the ice boulder, the spicy concoction began melting and seeped into his pores inflaming his eyes, ears and scrotum.

Towards the end of the video, Lakhani is seen shouting incoherent phrases including, “I nominate Jameel!”, “You have 24…letters”, and “Trying to raise awareness” as he gradually loses consciousness.

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