Imam Leaves Live Streaming On After Sermon

On Friday, Imam Shaikh Mabuti went live on Facebook for his weekly sermon, but forgot to shutoff his feed.

Elgin, IL – Well after he live streamed a Friday sermon, Shaikh Mabuti, Imam of a suburban Chicago mosque, still appeared to be broadcasting from his camera phone.

Online followers desperately tried to alert the Imam via the Facebook Live streaming service comments section, as he walked into the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and did his thing while singing “Who Let the Dogs Out.”

Over 200 followers also observed the Imam make himself a sandwich, wash his hands over a dozen times, and blow burps into his children’s faces. As of 5:30 pm, the Imam was still broadcasting on Facebook as he binge watched a season of Friends. 

Update: Mabuti’s live stream ended after his cell phone battery discharged on Saturday afternoon. It also appeared that it was finally brought to the Imam’s attention, based on a recent tweet from his account.

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