McDonald’s Next to Area Mosque Out of Fish (Again) Employees and townies are scratching their heads

For the 427th consecutive Friday, the McDonald's off of State Route 7 is out of Filet-O-Fish.

Columbiana, OH – For the 427th consecutive Friday, the McDonald’s off of State Route 7 in Columbiana is out of Filet-O-Fish sandwiches.

Day shift manager of the 26-year-old McDonald’s store, Alex Guiterez, is puzzled by the trend.

“Every single Friday, it’s the same thing, over and over again, says Guiterez as he wipes the tartar sauce off his forehead. “They come in through those doors like bulls in a stampede, and all you hear them say is ‘fish-sandwich, 2 fish sandwich, 3 fish sandwich, 35 fish sandwich!’”

The Filet-O-Fish sandwich has become a staple item on the McDonald’s menu for the past few decades.  The sandwich was the first non-hamburger menu item brought in by new McDonald’s company owner Ray Kroc. However, Guiterez points out that no one buys the sandwich at his store outside of Fridays.

Sixteen-year-old employee Nicole Creel is ‘grossed-out’ every time she gets an order.

“Whenever I have to press the Filet-o-Fish button on the register, I’m just like Eew,” says Creel.  “And they never say Filet-O-Fish it’s always like ‘Gimme a fish-sandwich’.”

Passing-thru traveler Shaikh Khalid Mabuti likes to order his Filet-O-Fish with extra bacon.

“You’re not going to print that, right?” asks a nervous Mabuti.

Employees of the restaurant and the Columbiana community remain confused on the matter.

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