CNN Poll: Majority of Americans Side with Israel, Results: 10% With Gaza, 90% Horse Shit Poll conducted using 'Pull Numbers Out of Ass' method

CNN's latest poll employs the 'Pull out of Ass' method, which has been popular for many news outlets covering the conflict.

Atlanta, GA – CNN released a latest poll that shows that the majority of Americans side with Israel. Per the CNN audience breakout, 10% empathize with Gaza, while the remaining 90% stand with Israel, or in technical terms “Horse shit.”

The team that conducted the poll used a method called ‘Pull Numbers Out of Ass,’ which has long been popular amongst news outlets in North America.

The method consist of pulling the biggest number a human can pull out of their anal orifice that supports Israel’s stance that “Israel has the right to defend itself.”

A survey spokesperson said that the poll confirms the wide belief that most Americans aren’t concerned with facts when it comes to this conflict, trumping any common sense or overwhelming evidence of human rights violation.

The poll also showed that most Americans had an unfavorable view of a man named Mr. Gaza.

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