SauDisney Now Open Kingdom of Saudi Meets Magic Kingdom

SauDisney hopes to further commercialize the area.

JEDDAH, KSA – “Kingdom of Saudi, meet the Magic Kingdom,” announced Disney CEO Michael Eisner at the grand opening of SauDisney, his entertainment empire’s latest theme park in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The park opened earlier this month after being plagued with delays over the past 14 years, mostly due to changes required to conform with traditional Islamic etiquette.

Local competitors such as Habib's Camel Rides (above) are understandably nervous about the opening of the theme park.

Popular Disney characters such as Minnie Mouse, famous for flaunting around in a mini-skirt, can now can be seen donning the customary hijab and jilbab, forcing Mickey to lower his gaze. Other modifications include the replacement Disney’s popular “Gay Day” in favor of “No Gay Day.”

“We only recieved about four bomb threats this morning which is always a good, low number for this time of year,” stated Mujabr El-Mukhara bin Lulu, a local deputy.

Many local residents are welcoming the park. SauDisney represents a vast change for the landscape of a country that usually consists of bedouins, camels, and the occasional mini-mall.

“This is a much-needed change from the same old stupid camel rides,” raved Afeef Abdul-Majeed, a local camel ride operator.

Eisner concluded the opening cermony by enthusiastically proclaiming, “Mickey loves everyone, even you people.”

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