Al-Qaeda Operative Distances Self From Muslim Happy Video Claims He Was Deliberately Deceived

After threat of litigation and bombing, the operative's removal request was honored and he no longer appears in the video currently circulating.

LONDON, UK – Shortly after going viral, a prominent Al Qaeda operative featured within the Muslim Happy video rushed to clarify his level of involvement within the production.

“I was sold a bill of goods,” remarked the flustered man. “They told me they were filming a training video and asked me to demonstrate some evasive maneuvers. Instead I end up in this crap.”

He claims much of his footage was edited and expressed disappointment that his 15-minute “Death to America, Death to the West” chant was cut out entirely.

“I can understand they have creative differences,” he stated, adding that his contract expressly mentioned a review prior to publication.

“That obviously didn’t happen. And acoustically, I was really pulling for some death metal or crunchy, distorted bass. Pharrell’s a little soft and overexposed. I haven’t felt this violated since I was tricked into doing one of those Harlem Shake videos.”

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