Area Imam Busted For Lip-Sync Act First Milli Vanilli, Now This

Mabuti (middle) in happier times with partners in crime - Rob and Fab (aka Milli Vanilli). Mabuti blames his fraudelent acts on the rain.

LAS VEGAS, NV – Just as the world overcame the traumatic affect of the dubious spectacle of has-been pop stars Milli Vanilli, the Muslim community of Nevada must brace for yet another shocking revelation. Imam Mabuti Lotz of the Islamic Society of Gamblin County has been charged with lip syncing his nightly Ramadan taraweeh prayers.

The Imam, who was unavailable for comment, would reportedly place a small microcassette player in the front pocket of his gown, and synchronize his big lips to the recorded recitation.

President of the ISGC, Sulaiman Ali Simali said that he noticed the Imam absent while the prayers were going on, stating “because you know sometimes I look around in my prayers, don’t you?”

Several other members of the community had reserved their suspicions for a long time.

“I knew something was smelling like fishy!” yelled Abu Ghouri, a longtime member of the community. “When he start to eat a banana during 14th rakah, I thought it was like a kind of magic.”

The Imam’s “magic” act was exposed last week during prayer when his cassette player malfunctioned, prompting rapid sajdah. The panicked Imam ran out of the masjid yelling, “I’m going to hell! I’m going to hell!”

Simali told reporters that he initially thought it was a really good impersonation of the chipmunks.

The fiasco incited a full investigation of the Imam’s life, which uncovered a previous failed dream of becoming an Elvis impersonator.

The community in Gamblin County will look for another Imam to replace the deceptive Mabuti Lotz but for the time being, they intend to play the microcassette recorder left behind.

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