Police Bomb Texas Elementary School To Stop Active Shooter, End Up Killing 250 Children

Ezrael County Police Department
Ezrael County Police tried to stop a school shooter suspected of hiding inside Lakeland Elementary, but end up killing all 250 children. Gunman still at large.

In an effort to stop an active shooter suspected of hiding inside a Texas school, Ezrael County Police bombed Lakeland Elementary killing all 250 students.

Chief Benjamin Yahu dismissed any responsibility and claimed the gunman, identified as 32 year old Burt Shamas, used the children as human shields.

“The Ezrael County Police Department has a right to defend itself,” stated Yahu against the backdrop of mutilated bodies and limbs, ranging in ages between 5 and 9 years old.

“If these children didn’t want Shamas, why did they and their parents let him into the school? Why did they let him live amongst them? Why did they vote for politicians who supported Shamas to have access to these deadly weapons? This is on Shamas and all the folks that allowed him to exist.”

Yahu mentioned the gunman is still at large, and could be hiding in area hospitals.

President Biden, is expected to visit later today and deliver remarks as well as more weapons to the Ezrael County Police Department.

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