Area Imam Tweeting Way Too Much Followers Beginning to Regret Their Decision

Some recent, scattered tweets from the imam.

ANYWHERESVILLE, VA – Last week after Friday prayer, Shaikh Khalid Mabuti asked members of his congregation to follow him on his newly registered @ShaikhMabuti Twitter account.

Several days later, many of those followers are voicing regret.

“He said he’d post masjid updates there,” stated one member. “At first, I was really excited to see the imam on Twitter. But now it’s just annoying. He tweets every few minutes. It’s worse than my 12-year old sister.”

Witnesses stated that in the past hour, the imam has retweeted @Hadithoftheday eight times, posted five selfies, ranted about a smell coming from the wudu area, and mentioned that Sunday school classes are cancelled.

Given the frequency of the tweets, many are questioning if the imam live-tweets during prayer.

“I’d unfollow him,” stated another follower, speaking on the condition of anonymity, “but he actually throws something useful in there once in a while so I’m worried I might miss out. Then again, his post-midnight tweets really creep me out. I’m not sure he knows how to send a private DM.”

At press time, the imam tweeted a picture of his banana captioned “About to have lunch” followed by another tweet requesting sisters to connect with his Snapchat.

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