Area Muslim Man Suspected of Being Closeted President of the United States 49% of Republicans still believe Muslims are hiding their status as Commander-in-Chiefs.

Since 2008, Muslim Americans have had to deal with the misperception that all of them are Presidents of the United States.

Washington, DC – When Donald Trump supporter Christine Hendrickson was asked if she thought President Obama is a Muslim, she responded, “No, but I do think all Muslims in the US are secretly Presidents of the United States.”

And she’s not alone. Approximately 49% of Republicans believe that Muslims in America are hiding their true identities as POTUS(es). Conservatives remain unconvinced that Muslims living in the United States are everyday, hard-working, non-presidential citizens.

51-year-old Kamal Aziz, an American born Muslim of Pakistani origin, is constantly bombarded with suspicion of being the leader of the free world.

“I get it all the time, you know? Every where I go, I hear ‘Mr. President… Mr. President!’”

“One time I walked into a room, and some band started playing ‘Hail to the Chief.’”

Aziz recalled a day when he was pulled out of the airport security line by the TSA, and then escorted onto Air Force One.

“I tried telling them that I’m just an Electrical Engineer from Texas, but they just winked at me and said ‘Sure you are Mr. President.’”

Neighbor Maggie Evans is thoroughly convinced Aziz belongs in the White House, and says she has overwhelming evidence to support her case.

“If he’s not the President, why does he wear suits when he leaves the house every morning?” says the 62-year-old Florist. “I saw him giving a speech to the family through his living room window… looked pretty presidential to me.”

“Unless he shares his birth certificate with the rest of the nation, I’m going to continue to criticize him on his domestic policies.”

New York City taxi driver Syed Jamal is frequently questioned by his passengers in regards to his national agenda.

“I jokingly tell them that i’m going to dissolve Uber,” says Jamal. “Because I (expletive) hate Uber.”

As the nation enters another election year, Muslim Americans are expected to endure even more perks of the Office of the President.

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