Area Sister Receives Miraculous E-mail, Forwards To 1,200 Closest Friends "Really Freaky Stuff That Has to do with Islam"

The variety of surreal and miraculous digital images attached in the forward include "Prayer Hat Mongoose," "Bearded Baby Seal," "Praying Penguin" and "Shirk Zebra" (pictured).

BIRMINGSPAM, NC – “I couldn’t believe it, they were so beautiful,” remarked Sister Aamina Fourwardu after viewing a picture attached to an e-mail forward she received early this morning. The e-mail, sent to her by a close and trusted friend, included approximately one dozen pictures portraying “Really Freaky Stuff That Has to do with Islam”.

Some of the pictures had subtle undertones of miracles whereas others were out and out unusual.

“The way that the clouds look, it’s so clear that they say ‘The streets will be flowing with the blood of the infidels'”, she stated as she sifted through one of the attached pictures.

Other pictures included in the e-mail portray images of a mongoose with a prayer hat, a zebra with the words ‘Shirk’ seemingly visible amongst its stripes and a bag of Basmati rice with a $3 price tag.

“That’s the biggest miracle,” reminisced Sr. Aamina referring to the $3 bag of rice, “You can’t get that kind of a price anywhere.”

Almost immediately after reading the message, Sr. Aamina decided that this message had to be shared with others.

“I felt that it was my duty to share this inspiring message with some of my closest friends.”

Dutifully following the “send this to everyone you know or else you will die” warning at the end of the email, Fourwardu sent the message to an estimated 1200 other individuals within a 10-minute span. In the process of doing so, she managed to collapse several email servers for the popular AOL Internet service provider.

“I couldn’t believe she sent me this crap,” stated former friend Kan Zaman. “I had to go through 12 pages of e-mail addresses just to get to the actual message and all I find is horribly-done Photoshop images.”

Sr. Aaamina didn’t seem fazed by the criticisms and harsh e-mail she received in response to her forward, including numerous death threats.

“I got everything from ‘You’re an incredible idiot’ to ‘Remove me from this stupid list’. But I’m taking it all in stride. Those people really need to relax. Maybe I’ll just forward them some jokes or something… those usually pick me up,” she said with a smile.

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