After Brexit, Trump Demands US Leave EU Republican candidate's thoughts resonate with supporters.

Donald Trump congratulated Britain on the Brexit vote, and said the US should do the same.

Little Rock, AR – Speaking to supporters at a rally on Friday morning, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump congratulated Britain on its successful vote to leave the European Union, and said its time the US did the same.

“Britain has spoken. Don’t you think it’s about time the US left the EU?” Trump asked the moderately large crowd gathered at Dickey Park Stadium just outside Little Rock.

Supporters responded with enthusiastic cheers, hoisting up makeshift ‘Make America Great Again and let’s leave the PE-EU’ signs. Others looked for the nearest immigrant to punch.

When asked how Trump would achieve a EU exit, given the United States is not a member, Trump responded, “We’re gonna look at that, and there’s problems, look we have to do something.”

“All over the country, people are coming up to me and asking when we’re leaving the EU. Look, I’m building a wall.”

Trump promised that if elected President, he would push for a referendum to leave the EU “ASAP.”

“When I’m President, we’ll not only leave the EU, we’re going to leave the EARTH!”

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