Burning Bus Forces London Authorities to Reconsider Hussain Arrest Authorities Fearful Another Vehicle May Soon Burn

The bus was reportedly very hot and sent a strong international signal.

LONDON, UK – Following the arrest and subsequent detention of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Altaf Hussain yesterday, London authorities are now learning that a bus was set on fire in Karachi as retaliation by Hussain’s supporters.

“Mr. Hussain appears to have been laundering money for years. We simply wanted to ask some questions and see if these there’s something to prosecute,” stated one officer with really, really bad teeth.

“We didn’t expect things to escalate so quickly. Burning a bus in the middle of the road introduces a sophisticated, calculated level of response which, quite frankly, we’re scrambling to deal with.”

Many MQM supporters have taken to the streets yelling, destroying public property and publicly urinating as part of their normal Thursday routine. Many note the yelling, however, is slightly louder and more directed than usual.

Loud chants of “We will burn another!” could be heard alongside “Altaf! Where are you?!” and “Who is Altaf?!”

Burning vehicles, often employed as a negotiation tactic for local Pakistani disputes, have increasingly become a weapon of foreign diplomacy. London authorities are fearful another bus may be set ablaze any moment now and are working expeditiously to release Hussain.

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