Campbell’s Announces New Haram Line of Soups Latest in Unsettling "Islamophobic Products" Trend

Many Muslims were critical of the blatant, "super-haram" approach taken by the soup enterprise.

CAMDEN, NJ – Looking to capitalize on growing anti-Muslim sentiment across the US, Campbell’s Soup unveiled its new “Haram” line of soups. The soups feature ingredients forbidden and offensive to Muslims including “Beer-n-Cheese with Beef & Bacon”, “Lard-n-Gelatin with Diglycerides” and “Pork-n-Rennet with Adultery.”

“We recognize consumers are struggling to put quality food on the table while simultaneously expressing their hatred of Islamic culture and the Muslim faith,” stated Campbell’s Spokesman Donathan McCrab. “Our new soups are low in both sodium and tolerance.”

As expected, reactions are mixed.

“I don’t like soup but I hate those Obama-loving savages enough to buy a few cans for my fallout shelter,” stated one man. “Shariah law’s a’comin!”

The Muslim Consumer Group (MCG) issued a joint press release with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) stating, “We’re disappointed at the continued anti-Muslim trend in our nation. Muslims have a long history of contribution to American culture and we’ll continue our work to promote peace and tolerance. Also, we’re unsure how ‘adultery’ was canned by Campbell’s but we have an active FDA inquiry and advise everyone to avoid that particular soup.”

Campbell’s “Haram” soup line is the latest in a growing “Islamophobic products” trend, including Milton-Bradley’s “Shirkopoly” board game, Fruit of the Loom’s “Silk and Gold” mens boxers, and Crayola’s “Draw Mohammad” crayons.

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