Crossroads Announces New Fall Lineup


ITHACA, NY – Crossroads TV, the Muslim lifestyles cable channel expected to launch in late summer 2004, has announced their exciting fall lineup. Programming for the progressive channel include “never before” seen Muslim reality shows expected to land high ratings.

Crossroad’s, “Fitna Island” is a show centered around five Imams sent away to a Caribbean island in the midst of spring break. The Imams attempt to remain consistent with the piety and modesty with which they’ve been raised while at the same time are immersed in an environment which is anything but.

The last Imam left unscathed will win the cash prize of $500 along with assurances from the programming directors that he will be entering into the glorious gates of heaven.

The new channel hopes to hit a home run with a prank television venture entitled “Detained.” Hosted by 786 Heartthrob Zafar Razaki, “Detained” tours the nation with a hidden camera, scouting out Muslim households and individuals and telling them they’ve been detained by the Office of Homeland Security under the “Secret Evidence Act.” The reactions of candid shock and horror that ensue formulate one half hour of quality comedy.

Playing off the success of the NBC sitcom, “Non-Mehram Friends” is expected to carve out part of Thursday’s prime time on Crossroads. Three guys and three girls have been lifelong friends, but now the factors of puberty, and a shared studio apartment divided only by a flimsy curtain set the tone for a 16 episode season.

Crossroad’s Programming CEO Yahya Mustafa is excited about the inaugural season, saying, “I’m truly excited.”

The new channel will begin broadcasting in late August, and is currently securing potential advertisers.

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