Dollar Stores Issue Massive Sandal Recall Consumer Trust Shaken, Stirred

Consumers are happy about the recall, but many express doubts that significant improvements to the product will be made.

RACINE, WI – Dollar stores around the world are issuing a massive footwear recall. The products, marketed as sandals, flip-flops or “chappals,” depending on the region, appear to have serious design issues affecting many consumers.

According to consumer complaints, many within the Muslim market, the footwear “deteriorates quickly, often within the first few days of use” however many people note the occasional pair lasts “forever, [at least] several decades.”

“These are cheap pieces of foam and plastic. Absolute garbage,” notes Mukhtar Saleem, president of Muslim Watchdogs Afraid of Dogs (MWAD), a popular Muslim consumer watchdog group. “There are literally hundreds of dollars that need to be refunded worldwide.”

MWAD noted numerous additional flaws including inconsistencies of sole thickness and tread pattern irregularities, leading to many slips and injuries in wudu areas and bathrooms.

Physicians also noted that problematic plastic straps have “gashed countless areas between the big toe and the…umm…middle toe whatever you call it.”

Consumer advocates are hailing this as a victory for exposed toes everywhere, noting it’s the largest recall since last summer’s Lotacorp fiasco. The Lotacorp recall, involving the promotional “Sriracha Lota,” is still a sore spot for many involved.

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