“Donation Box Guy” Finally Snaps It Was Merely a Question of When

The donation box itself was hastily left amongst shoes at the mosque entrance.

HANOVER PARK, IL – Police were called onto the scene of an area masjid after a young man lashed out in an obscenity-laden tirade against area worshippers. Witnesses explained the man, identified as 19 year old Saleem Patel, was responsible for holding the donation box after prayer services.

“How would you [expletive] feel if you were [expletive] invisible?!” yelled Patel as he was taken into custody.

He apparently snapped after enduring a severe lack of donations. While the incident surprised and stunned many, it’s a move many in the community saw coming for months. 

“The poor guy would always just stand there and keep saying the same thing in a robotic, almost detached tone… ‘Donate generously, donate generously, donate generously.’ I guess the $1 and $5 bills got to him. It’s sad to see someone go out like that,” explained one eyewitness.

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