Halal Butcher Loses Finger, Hopes No One Notices Accident-Prone Man Keeps Working Despite Loss

Mahmeet is confident his remaining digits are up for the task.

STREAMWOOD, IL – In a frenzy to finish his orders before prayer this past Friday, Zabiha Halal Butcher Yaseen Mahmeet sustained a severe injury to his left hand. While attempting to grind beef, Mahmeet’s left ring finger was caught in the machine and completely severed.

“I look at other side and seen it don’t look too bad since I got the nine fingers left,” remarked Mahmeet. “I bag it and move on to next order.”

Mahmeet refused to reveal exactly which order contained the severed finger and stated, “It’s not too much bad I think to be eat it. I wash it the hand this morning.”

The clumsy butcher added that this isn’t the first time his body parts have intermingled with his food orders. Last Ramadan, a child nearly choked to death after eating a samosa containing one of Mahmeet’s toenail clippings.

The clumsy butcher has lost one finger and three toes thus far, along with collagen from his left ear. Despite such misfortunes, he maintains that these are acceptable losses in order to maintain the speed with which he fulfills his orders.

“Some restaurant called ‘Kinda OK’ now want to order the meat because I so much the fast, so I feel the very much of the kind of happy.”

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