Halalcohol Introduces ‘TAK Beer’ And 'TAK Beer Lite' For Moderates

Halalcohol's new 'TAK Beer' is expected to be a great hit amongst the beer-deprived.

ST. LOUIS, MO – Time to get your spiritual buzz on. The company that brought the world halal alcohol ten years ago, is again revolutionizing the industry with the unveiling of ‘TAK Beer.’

Ismail Khalid, CEO of Halalcohol, believes the new beverage will take the Muslim market by storm.

“Every time we introduce TAK Beer to crowds, they respond with ‘Allah-u-Akbar.’ They must really like the product,” Khalid said.

Khalid also has a first name for a last name.

Sales of ‘TAK Beer’ will begin this summer and orders are now being accepted.

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