Handsome Imam Will Give ‘50 Shades of Grey-Area’ Sermon This Friday Congregants will wander into the mysterious world of 'mutashabihat'

29-year-old Malik Ghafour (aka 'Muslim') will give his 'Fifty Shades of Grey-Area in Islam' sermon at mosques nationwide.

Menlo Park, CA – The Islamic Society of Menlo Park will feature Imam Malik Ghafour this Friday during its mid-day ‘Jumuah’ prayer service. Ghafour will cover fifty variants of mutashabihat (grey-area) during his 30 minute khutbah.

The sermon is expected to attract an eager community comprised of curious, young and middle-aged individuals who seek to better understand the space between what is forbidden and what is permissible.

The 29-year-old Ghafour, who is a scholar in Islam and other religions, is described by many to be incredibly good looking. He stands at six-foot-three inches with a chiseled face, an ideal masculine form, and brown eyes so deep “you could swim in them.”

“This Friday we will explore the doubtful matters,” he says with a subtle middle eastern accent as he unleashes a warm and inviting smile.

Ghafour is expected to cover topics drizzled in ambiguity such as music from stringed instruments, intoxications from caffeine, and low bearing interest checking accounts. He will also talk about the deviant lives of those who eat makruh animals.

The young Imam is expected to give sermons at other Bay Area Islamic centers, and will be coming soon to a mosque near you.

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