Hyderbadi Sunni Muslim Seeks Slim, Fair-Skinned Hyderbadi Wife "Not Looking to Break Any Stereotypes"

Referring to himself numerous times as "a hot young modest stud," Br. Ghous announced announced his candidacy for marriage in the year 2000.

PEORIA, IL – In a shocking news conference held earlier today, 35 Year-old Hyderbadi Sunni Muslim Vali Ghous announced that he is now “ready to be settled down” and has plans to begin searching for a wife.

“I feel it is time now for me to get married. I have good job working in engineering plant, my family is settled, all 14 of my younger brothers are married, and we even married off my ugly sister. Boy do I feel sorry for her husband. She looks like my daddy,” explained Ghous.

Elaborating on details as to what exactly he is seeking in a potential mate, Ghous explained that he is in search of a very special woman that meets his strict requirements of religiousness, morality, kindness and being slim & fair-skinned as well as Hyderbadi.

Ghous' ideal mate
Ghous spent most of the press conference handing out leaflets containing his horrid vision of a future wife. The back of the leaflet prominently listed his email address: [email protected]

“She’s gotta be one hot mama,” exclaimed Ghous, “I mean, she’s gotta be a real looker. I would like for her to be religious and know about Islam or something like that. But that is the other thing…she’s gotta be really good looking!”

When asked by a reporter if he was afraid his search could be perceived as stereotypical and narrow-minded, Ghous replied, “Hey, I’m not looking to break any stereotypes, man” and reiterated that “she’s gotta be one hot mama.”

Towards the end of the two-minute press conference, Ghous unveiled a sketch of his ‘ideal woman’ which he assembled with the aid of a local-area police sketch artist.

“If I could find one that looked like that and could cook and clean…man! I would be in the heaven!”

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