“Idealistan” Deteriorating Quickly Decaying Country Consists Entirely of Doctors, Lawyers & Engineers

The newly-formed nation has stumbled upon numerous difficulties.

PEEYECHDI, IDEALISTAN – Trouble is running rampant in the relatively new nation of Idealistan. Founded in 1982 in the wilderness of Nebraska, the self-appointed nation of Idealistan consists entirely of immigrant doctors, lawyers and engineers.

With the typical Idealistan citizen holding at least one Ph.D., the nation would appear to flourish under the mass of educated workers.

“We didn’t want the lazies,” states Idealistan President Saleem Hussaini. “Lazies are no good for our daughters.”

Reality, however, is less kind. The one-dimensional society has run amuck, plagued with problems of basic sanitation and maintenance.

While the nation boasts highly-skilled professionals in the medical field, there are no ambulance drivers or paramedics to treat emergency situations. Hospitals, along with most other Idealistan buildings, are falling apart and in dire need of renovations in the absence of any and all construction workers.

Lawyers are plentiful but quite useless and mostly stand around and shrug their shoulders.

Mounds of trash and debris litter sidewalks and roads because Idealistan has no sanitation workers.

In an attempt to remedy waste disposal problems, Idealistan engineers architected an elaborate sewage system to directly deposit trash into neighboring city Omaha.

At first, the system worked well as 1,200 gallons of raw sewage were pumped onto Omaha streets. Strangely enough, Omaha residents didn’t really notice any change. The system crumbled, however, after three days because of an Idealistan sewage backup in the absence of skilled plumbers.

Experts say that if these conditions persist, there won’t be any operational vehicles in Idealistan within the next 10 years as there are no mechanics, despite the fact that all vehicles are Toyota Camrys.

“We should have planned this for the better,” remarked President Hussaini amidst a nervous laugh. “Now that I think about it, we don’t have any grocers. I have to drive 300 miles to the closest 100% Zabiha Halal butcher.”

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