Imam Claims Shia LaBeouf Plagiarized His Friday Sermon Word for Word Rip, He Claims

The imam claims many of his "signature moves" were plagiarized by LaBeouf.

TORONTO, ON – Actor Shia LaBeouf’s recent viral YouTube motivational speech has a local imam crying foul. Riaz Hamouda, imam of the Pickering Muslim Society, claims LaBeouf stole it from his past Friday sermons.

“I deliver this speech, word for word, every week,” claims the imam. “He’s stolen my signature moves, down to my hand gestures. It’s [a] total rip. I should be the one being parodied on the YouTube.”

Hamouda explained the mosque struggled with fundraising efforts and he devised his “signature” speech to get donations for continued, perpetual masjid construction projects.

He proudly claims his speeches have resulted increased donations “in excess of $20 a week.”

“They’re 90 seconds of confusing, powerful motivation,” claimed a worshipper. “We regularly leave feeling like we have to do something. Sometimes we even flip double-parked cars in the parking lot.”

The imam was considering legal options against LaBeouf but it’s believed the matter has been settled out of court for an undisclosed “generously donated” sum.

LaBeoufs video has garnered over 3 million views since being posted last week.

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