Immigrant Muslims ‘Condom’ Terrorism "Instead of being reactive, we must condom before explosion."

On Tuesday, a DC area coalition of migrant Muslims aggressively voiced their displeasure regarding recent terrorist attacks in the name of their religion.

Washington, DC – Muslim organizations around the country have been relentlessly ‘condom’-ing violent attacks that have been committed in the name of their religion. Last Monday, Virginia and Maryland area Islamic communities organized a press conference in which they denounced recent attacks in France and Nigeria.

At the event, members of the Muslim delegation pointed to a sign hoisted on an easel, which had the words ‘We Condom Terrorism’ in large, black arial font. Furthermore, the coalition’s spokesperson, Ammar Malik, kept reiterating the message as he aggressively labeled the attackers as violent criminals who had gone against the teachings of Islam.

“We condom it! One thousands times we condom it!” shouted Malik as he banged the podium with his fist.

Area Imams took to social media to voice their frustration. Shaikh Khalid Mabuti of Illinois (@shaikhmabuti) tweeted, “Instead of being reactive, Muslims have to condom before the explosion.”

Right-wing pundits continued their call for the ‘moderate Muslims’ to raise their voices in condemnation.

“Sure we’ve heard plenty of condomnation , but where is the condemnation?!?” said Michael Hutchins from the Fox News morning show, Fox & Friends.

When Islamica News asked if anyone amongst the organizers ran spelling and grammar checks on any of the signs, volunteer Kamal Majid, said, “We only saw green squiggly lines, no red squiggly lines.”

Ammar Malik is determined to take his message of anti-violence across network television later this week.

“This is no time to pull out,” said Malik. “This is the time to condom.”

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