Indian Man With Paan-Stained Mouth, Scary Teeth, Wearing A Sherwani Explains To Neighborhood Kids He’s Not Count Dracula

Syed Hussain spent a big part of Halloween trying to convince kids from his neighborhood that he wasn't supposed to be Count Dracula, even though his sherwani and paan-stained mouth suggested otherwise.

A suburban Indian-American man spent 10 minutes at his door trying to explain to neighborhood trick-or-treaters that he isn’t Count Dracula. 39 year old Syed Hussain opened the door to children wearing a sherwani, (a formal longcoat commonly worn in parts of India), chewing paan, as red syrup oozed from the sides of his mouth.

“Are you Dracula?” inquired a little girl in a princess costume, as she waited for Hussain to fill her bag with candy.

“What? No. I’m not the Dracula.” responded Hussain in a heavy Indian accent, visibly offended by the monstrous association.

“I am wearing the sherwani for family wedding and chewing the paan… you know the paan?”

Hussain then reached in his bowl and distributed one pack of Shahi Deluxe to each child.

“This is supari. It is like a Indian jawbreaker. Highly addictive. You will like.”

“Is that why your teeth are like that?” asked another kid.

“Like what?” replied a confused Hussain.

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