Indiana Changes State Slogan to “April Fools!” State Hopes People Get the Joke

Pence made numerous attempts to make reporters "get the joke."

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – In an effort to backtrack from the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the State of Indiana announced the changing of their state motto to “April Fools!”

“We hope this well help smooth things over,” stated Indiana Governor Mike Pence. “It was all a big joke, see?”

“Ha ha…,” added Pence, as his voice quivered. “I’m going to lay low on social media for a while.”

The legislation, which sets a dangerous precedent for defensive of discriminatory practices based on “sincerely held religious beliefs” has been subject to intense scrutiny since it was passed.

Some small business owners, however, stand by the law.

“I know everyone’s focusing on the gays, but I hate Muslims and they’re not getting my pizza either,” stated pizzeria owner and noted bigot Kevin O’Connor. “And the same applies to the blacks and Mexicans.”

At press time, Muslim Student Associations across Indiana were scrambling to find alternate pizza providers.

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