Islamic Center Specializes in Misspelled Signs A 'Focus on Your Insignificant Community' Report

Bughali displays one of his infamous signs. His newest project is entitled "Please donate ass much as you can."

DES MOINES, IA – Meet Ayman Bughali, a hard working soccer fan who has been assigned to the duty of ‘sign maker’ at the Islamic Center of Des Moines. Upon entering the center, Ayman is always there to greet and introduce himself to you.

“I make the signs!” Bughali is quick to point out in his deep mid-eastern accent. Wherever one looks, they can witness the fruits of Bughali’s hard work.

“Please Do Not Generiously”, “Brothers: Lower the Gays”, and the infamous “Ekzit” signs grace the walls, doors and bathrooms of the center.

Bughali, who has had no formal education past the age of 11 and can barely speak the English language, seems to be oblivious to nearly all rules of grammar and proper spelling. When asked about his apparent ignorance of standardized English and MLA format, Bughali responded with a long, blank stare and occassional eyeblink.

Des Moines Islamic Council Member Ali Daugher, says he was thoroughly impressed by Bughali when he first witnessed him in action. “He was like a label maker on the crack…on a lot of the crack.”

These signs bring laughter to youngsters and educated people alike as some signs lack any coherency whatsoever.

During last Friday’s prayer, the guest speaker did not know what to do after reading a sign that read “Khateeb Dont Talk Deooring Khutba.”

Outside, a 4 year-old jokingly grunts like a dog under the sign saying “No Ill Eagle Barking In The Barking Lot.”

Some were too scared to go to the bathroom after they were told to “Bee In The Toilet.”

Bughali wishes to pursue his life-long dream, and get into traffic sign production. “I’ve always wanted to make an ‘Estop’ sign,” he remarked excitedly.

When asked if he knew what a spell checker was, Bughali hissed and ran away.

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