Islamica Asks: On which day will you be celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr?


As the end of Ramadan draws near, many Muslims will be celebrating the holiday of Eid-Ul-Fitr. Because of varying cultures and schools of thought, Muslims will likely find themselves celebrating it on different days. Which day will you be observing Eid?


“Obviously we don’t want to go to hell with the other heathens… so Saturday.”
Maleek Rabab


“Our moon sighting committee keeps arguing about the start of Ramadan. We have yet to start fasting.”
Aliyah Mahmood


“Given that we live in Mosul, a stronghold of ISIS… never. Whatever. They’re cutting my head off next Wednesday.”
Ali Fuzail


“When my new outfit comes in from Pakistan.”
Sana Waleed


“Celebrating it? More like when will we be protesting it. We’re desperately scrambling to organize a ‘Draw a Ramadan’ cartoon contest in front of a temple.”
Wilfred “Billy” Williams

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