Last Minute of Fast Extends Into Third Hour Final minute "taking forever"

Seven-year-old Musa Khan's last minute of fasting is taking "foreeeeever."

Seattle, WA – In what seems to be a lifetime, the last 60 seconds of fasting is “taking forever” for young Georgetown resident, Musa Khan. The ambitious seven-year-old committed himself to fast for the very first time despite discouragement from his parents who say he’s “too young.” He is determined to prove them wrong.

Ever since the last minute of his fast started, Khan has looked at the clock 27 times, waiting for the moment he can eat again. Per the second grader, that was “three hours ago.”

“All day he’s been staring at the chocolate cake I bought for him. It’s his reward,” says Musa’s mother, Huma Khan. “I honestly don’t think he’ll make it.”

Khan began drooling, babbling, and sucking on his t-shirt’s ringer.

At the time of this article, there were 25 seconds left in Khan’s fast — that’s 2 hours in “Musa time.”

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