Let’s Focus on the Real Issue Here By Baby Musa

I desperately need a diaper change, when someone has a minute.

I’ve been thrust into the spotlight recently and the family’s been reading these articles to me at mealtime. My lawyers have advised me to stay silent but to be honest, I’m compelled to correct the narrative outlined by mass media.

I take full responsibility for my actions. I threw a few things. I should not have acted impulsively. But alas, I am a baby and lack the mental and physical faculty of my older peers.

It’s the sad truth I live with everyday. I wonder what happens if I stick my finger in this.

Unfortunately hearing some of the comments, most people seem to be missing the plot. Did anyone stop to question why the police are getting involved in a billing issue by the utility company? Nope. Instead, we see the following.

“Isn’t he so cute?”

“I could just eat him up.”

“Awww! Look at him drooling!”

I’m flattered. Really, I am. But there’s a larger theme people must realize. We are a young country. We’re dealing with growing pains including brain drain from the exodus of talent to other countries and regions.

Where did my toy blocks go?

This whole circus with the trial underscores the systematic failure and corruption of our government. Anyone who lives here understands that police bribery runs rampant. The legal system is rigged with the powerful running things and the powerless being left to fend for themselves. After reading this, I’m sure they’ll find a way to pin drug charges on me.

On top of it all, having US drones randomly killing people doesn’t help. We have no real, lasting sense of security. And over time, even good people become desperate. Desperation becomes compounded and lawlessness will prevail.

Hold on while I lick this window. Yuck. Bitter.

It’s especially sad knowing that that ignorants are preparing to pin this on religion and skin color.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we Pakistanis need to find a way to work together towards a common goal. Only together will we succeed. We often say “Pakistan Zindabad (long life to Pakistan)” but what does that mean when our quality of life is so poor?

Uh-oh. I did poopy.

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