Local Teen Ponders Coming Out of “Medical Closet” Fears Family Scrutiny, Ridicule

Husain noted his father threatened to disown him if he switched to a "nonsense" major.

HOUSTON, TX – Helplessly locked into a Medicine major since the age of seven, local teen Salman “Silly” Husain is considering calling it quits.

“High school was grueling with all the AP classes,” noted Husain. “Now I’m looking at another decade of pre-med, medical school and residency. I’m just not sure it’s right for me.”

Husain’s not alone in his machine-like march to a six-figure salary. Not long ago, several children of affluent immigrants formed a support group called MLEFT in Greater Houston.

“MLEFT was founded to support students moving away from predetermined majors in medicine, law, engineering and finance,” stated MLEFT founder Bilal Apaluza.

When asked about the final T in MLEFT Apaluza responded, “Transexuals joined later somehow. We’re not sure what to do.”

Supported by the MLEFT community, students like Husain are encouraged to discovery career paths beyond the narrow desires of their parents. MLEFT also provides peer support when confronting family bias and pressures.

Husain’s longtime friend Viral Thakkar, also a former premed student ironically with a name like Viral, introduced him to the group.

“We were pulling an all-nighter once and I could tell Silly was underwater,” remarked Thakkar. “He’s usually so upbeat and fun. It’s sad to see him living like in denial. That’s when I knew I had to introduce him to the group.”

“It’s good not to feel alone,” stated Husain. “Ever since I was a kid, my parents dreamed I’d be a doctor. I don’t know how to tell them but we’re figuring it out. It’s going to break their hearts. Maybe I can soften the blow by first telling them I’m gay.”

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