After Losing Women Attendees, Mosque Officials Organize ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ Vigil Female-deprived community mired in chaos, insomnia, and depression

Men at the Islamic Society of Southern California held a candlelight vigil Tuesday evening after all 250 female members suddenly disappeared.

Azusa, CA – A group of Muslim men from the Islamic Society of Southern California organized a ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ event, after all the women from the congregation disappeared overnight. Mosque officials suspect the female attendees left for the new women’s only mosque, which opened up two weeks ago.

In a hastily organized candlelight vigil Tuesday evening, a group of disheveled men who seemed to not have bathed in days, appealed to the public to bring back their girls. The men held blank stares, holding pictures of their wives and loved ones as the glow from the candles exposed their tears of regret.

A depressed, 47-year-old Saleem Mukhtar stood behind a podium pleading for his wife to come home.

“Fatima, if you’re out there listening, please come back to the masjid. No more side entrance. No more back entrance. You will have best entrance,” said Mukhtar, who is the mosque’s treasurer.

Females at the mosques were relegated to enter through the rear entrance of the brick building and then climb a rope to get to the ‘sisters section’ of the mosque. In lieu of recent events, that is expected to change.

Mukhtar noted the last time he saw his wife was two weeks ago.

Activities at the mosque have come to a halt, and council meetings result in either argument, fist fights, and in one case bloodshed.

“We lost Brother Fareed in a knife fight yesterday,” said ISSC Director Khalid Mabuti. “The situation remains volatile.”

Another member of the mosque could be seen walking naked through the parking lot, shouting, “I can’t find my favorite pants , honey where are my pants?”

The absence of women has allowed the men to explore and evaluate the deplorable conditions in the mosque’s sisters section, which includes a lack of heat, a speaker system that sounds demonic, and a rabid possum family nesting in a corner.

“This room isn’t even facing the QIBLA!” said a shocked Mabuti.

The qibla is the direction Muslims pray, generally towards the holy city of Mecca.

Amid the gloom and deteriorating conditions at the Islamic Center, as well as a mounting to-do list, officials have begun to design a new front entrance to the building. The new version will be equipped with a fog machine, harp sound effects, and firework displays every 15 minutes.

For now, however, they anxiously wait in their darkness.

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