Man Facing Midlife Crisis Buys Red Toyota Camry Relishes Acting on Impulses

Abdallah's family fears what his next move might be.

SCHAUMBURG, IL – At a recent press event, 48-year-old father of three Malik Abdallah disclosed he’s recently experienced a midlife crisis and decided to finally act on some of his “crazy, impulsive” urges.

“I was driving home one day and remembered I always wanted a sports car,” explained Abdallah. “So I drove to the dealer and bought a red one.”

That car, identified as a used 2007 Toyota Camry sedan, was purchased from the local Toyota dealership last week.

“He walked in here like he was going to throw down some serious cash,” stated his car salesman. “But he tried haggling on a new model for two hours and went with that used piece of [expletive].”

Abdallah explained he wanted to purchase a coupe, but ultimately decided on the 4-door sedan based on its higher resale value. He also claims he chose the hybrid version due to its “extreme MPGs.”

Despite his attempts at practicality, the spontaneous purchase has resulted in tensions at home.

“We already have three Toyota Camrys”, explained his wife. “And why does he keep calling it a sports car?”

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