Man Suspects Jinns Following Him on Twitter Believes He's Targeted for Revenge

Ahmad has gone into hiding and insisted on wearing his "Jinn-Protection Glasses" during the entire interview.

HOLLYWOOD, CA – In the aftermath of his recent release, “Jinn” Filmmaker Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad believes he’s the victim of backlash from the supernatural subject matter of his movie.

“Unfortunately, the film didn’t get a lot of traction in theaters and some would consider that a flop. But the outpouring of negativity on social media is incredible and can only mean one thing,” he noted while turning slowly to stare into an imaginary camera.

“Jinns are after me.”

After a dramatic pause, Ahmad detailed the onslaught of suspicious activity on his Twitter feed including harsh criticisms of the film, its actors and even his directorial talent.

“I shouldn’t have cast a bunch of nobodies,” added Ahmad. “I should have taken the money and gone straight to DVD. I understand a few people may be upset, but this online chatter… can’t… be… human.”

Ahmad once again appeared frozen in an unusually long gaze.

“These jinn tweets are awful,” he lamented. “They called the actors lifeless, cardboard cutouts and said the special effects were done by a 13 year-old with burnt marshmallows.”

The supernatural stalking isn’t limited to Twitter. Ahmad believes jinn’s have taken to IMDB and YouTube comments, lambasting the film for its PG-13 rating, lack of character development and overall originality.

“I did a film about jinns,” exclaimed Ahmad as he excitedly played Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ on his iPhone. “Come on! It’s spooky! How many jinn films are there out there? I’ll tell you what’s unoriginal. Reading 50 ‘YOU SUCK’ tweets every day.”

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