Masjid Hacked, Credit Cards Stolen Security Experts Detail "Largest Breach of Its Kind"

Despite repeated pleas, mosque visitors continue dropping credit cards into the donation box.

DEVON, IL – A mosque was recently hacked and the contents of it’s donation box were emptied. Security experts are calling it the biggest security breach of its kind.

“We believe the perpetrators originally attempted to hack the mosque online,” stated one deputy. “After discovering the poor shape [the website] was in, they decided to pursue more conventional means and hacked the donation box during Friday prayer.”

Authorities believe the hackers used a hacksaw and pried their way into one of two donation boxes being passed around during the Friday speech.

“It’s very sadding for my heart, you know,” stated Masjid President Haroun Mughdadi. “The money was donate for the thing and now the thing cannot be done.”

According to mosque officials, the mosque was robbed of “more than $25, probably like $50 or more” along with three physical credit cards that were deposited into the box, for some reason.

Mughdadi pledged to beef up security by placing a second teenage boy at the entry gate for the mosque. They are also offering worshippers free biryani leftovers to motivate future donations.

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