Miami Muslims Leave Friday Prayers Early Many Leave After Khutba Leading to Questions of Faith, Loyalty

Many early deserters were frustrated by the parking lot conditions.

MIAMI, FL – In a move that shocked many of the mosque administration and longtime congregants, several worshippers at the American Airlines Mosque in downtown Miami left Friday prayer services early, immediately following the speech.

“I wasn’t really feeling the speech,” stated one man as he dashed to get his sandals. “He wasn’t addressing the topics I hoped and frankly, I was expecting it to be a lot more motivating and up-tempo. Sadly, that wasn’t the case.”

Some worshippers could be heard booing the sermon.

“The parking lot is a joke so I wanted to get out before everyone else, but some [expletive] double parked behind me. What the [expletive]?” questioned another early departer.

The actions of this minor, vocal group has many longtime congregants concerned.

“They started showing up here when we hired the new imam,” stated one worshipper. “Obviously, Imam Faisal has a certain star quality and he brought in a few other knowledgeable people who have amassed quite a following.”

According to critics the insurgence of new followers, however, are all fair-weather worshippers and often don’t attend without significant incentive.

“If it’s not Eid or they’re not feeling like they’re down 3-1 in the NBA Finals, they’re probably not showing up,” stated a frustrated eyewitness. “It’s especially annoying they all wear Heat jerseys to prayer, too.”

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