Moderate Trump Supporters Discovered "Let's drain the swamp and unite to kick out all the bad people and Muslims."

Tarlington, 32, admits he was somewhat uncomfortable "the whole time" at Trump rallies.

In a heartfelt moment after all major networks declared Donald Trump’s victory, the nation’s three moderate Trump supporters offered words of encouragement after the election of our nation’s 45th president.

“It was a hard-fought battle and ugly things happened, but I’m not a racist and I don’t support the KKK,” stated 32-year old Wyoming resident Norman Tarlington. “I don’t know if building a wall is a great use limited resources, but I’ll work for outreach to some of my more extreme brethren.”

“Enough of this ‘rigged’ nonsense! I trust in our government process,” stated Nevada resident Max Mattson, admitting he probably wouldn’t have said that if Clinton won. “Our political needs an overhaul, but our nation’s fundamentals are sound. Let’s drain the swamp and unite to kick out all the bad people and Muslims.”

At press time the nation’s third moderate Trump supporter, 26-year-old Florida resident Norman Macaw, was being savagely beaten at a Trump victory celebration.

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