MSNBC News Crew Still Smells Like Spices Three Days After Storming Into Pakistani Apartment “I’ve showered ten times… yet I still smell like turmeric.”

Odors of spices and curry continue to emanate from news team's clothes three days after they stormed Syed Farook's apartment. T

San Bernardino, CA – As MSNBC cameraman Steve Jarrett put on his work vest Sunday morning, he closed his eyes to avoid the pungent fumes of chicken tikka masala hitting his face. It has been three days since his news team broadcasted live from suspected shooter Syed Farook’s apartment, yet the entire crew has yet to rid themselves of a unique blend of spice odors.

“I’ve showered ten times, yet the smell has just about fused into my hair and skin,” said the veteran Jarrett. “I’m like a walking pakora.”

A pakora is a fried, Indian-Pakistani snack commonly served as an appetizer.

When Jarrett went home Friday evening, his wife was so affected by the smell in his clothes, her eyes began to water.

“She asked me if I was cutting onions all day. Then she started to crave saag paneer.”

Critics of the coverage were shocked as they watched news personnel sifting through belongings amidst an ongoing investigation. Some reporters opened spice cabinets and speculated the curry mix powders could have been used to make a small-grade chemical weapon.

CNN reporter Kerry Mitchell opened a box marked ‘bismillah ladoos’ and told Anderson Cooper they looked ‘bomb-like.’

News crews will continue to scrub and bathe themselves as they prepare for another stretch of reputable journalism.

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