Muslim Boy Drowns During Suhur Father Makes Grizzly Early Morning Discovery

Muna (pictured) moments after enjoying his last bowl. Coroners suspect he may have still been alive at the time.

HOUSTON, TX – A solemn mood set the stage at a north Houston residence yesterday as the county coroner confirmed the death of 14-Year-Old Tazi Chaudhry. Chaudhry was found face-down in a bowl of his favorite cereal, Cocoa Puffs, as his family was preparing to begin another day of Islamic fasting.

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims traditionally precede each day of fasting with a meal before dawn, or the suhur. According to forensic experts, it was during this time when Chaudhry fell asleep and drowned, landing face-down into his fatal breakfast which mother remarked he went “cuckoo for.”

The Chaudhry family is still trying to cope with the tragic loss of their youngest and most beloved member who they lovingly referred to as ‘Muna’.

Estooped Chaudhry, Tazi’s father, described his son’s personality as very unique and remarked, “He was a nice and calm little boy – except during suhur when he jerked his drowsy head back and forth, and cursed at me for waking him up too early!”

Muna’s mother, Chaipila, appeared to be the most grief-stricken. She recollected her biggest fears. “If anything, we thought he would die from a butter knife to the liver. But drowning in a bowl of cereal? That’s unheard of.”

The Harris County Coroner’s office released their report which captured yesterday’s grim set of events.

Per the report: “The subject fell back into a heavy sleep at the breakfast table, causing his head region to go crashing into the bowl region. It was at this point where he suffocated from milk inhalation which, in this case, didn’t do his body good.”

The coroner went on to write he reached these conclusions after finding a two puffs of the “cocoa cereal” lodged up the subject’s nostrils.

As Ramadan comes to a close, the family must now learn to cope with the tragic loss of young Tazi.

Estooped Chaudhry points out, “As I fast during the first few days of Shawaal, I shall remember my little Muna at suhur time, and stay the hell awake!”

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