Muslim Doctors Create Frankenhafiz Scientific Marvel Bewilders Supporters and Critics Alike

Worshippers looked on with fear and astonishment as Frankenhafiz made his debut sermon. Many commented that he was easier to understand than the previous imam.

HOUSTON, TX – Yesterday, Muslim scientists from various parts of the world came together in a collaborative effort to produce the world’s first-ever “Frankenhafiz.” The distinguished professors and doctors unveiled their first prototype last evening at the Texas Medical Center in Houston.

The debut included an incoherent sermon about something, followed later with an uncontrollable outburst of child abuse by the monster. Officials ultimately used torches to subdue the beast and assured onlookers that the abuse was part of the Frankenhafiz’s pre-programmed behavioral pattern.

Community members were skeptical of a beast being present around their children, but did acknowledge the need for a monster-hafiz fusion.

Local community leader Wallace Mehmood later commented, “Frankenhafiz has the disciplinary dominance of a Frankenstein, but lacks the charisma and charm of a female vampire, you know what I mean, doggie?”

Fans of Frankenhafiz are quick to point out that he is of stable mind, unlike his predecessors ‘Whereimam’ and ‘Islampire.’

The evening concluded with a recitation by Frankenhafiz consisting of muffled moans and groans.

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