Muslim Republican Starting to Think This is a Bad Idea Radicalized Man Re-Assessing Views

Saleem's previously-staunch beliefs are beginning to unravel.

CANTON, OH – Speaking candidly to reporters in the back of a Trump Rally, 44-Year Old Mohid “Moe” Saleem remarked he’s starting to regret his choice to support the Republican party, adding he’s “beginning to genuinely fear for his life.” The small business owner has supported conservative movements and the Republican party for nearly two decades.

“I was living the American dream. I started with nothing and through hard work, made my way up the ladder. I now own five 7-Elevens,” stated the college-educated descendent of Indian doctors. “That’s 35 Elevens! Love to America!”

However Saleem explained his conservative beliefs have grown more radicalized over the years, often remarking “only lazy people” are the ones that don’t succeed and spewing a variety of anti-immigrant views despite himself being a first-generation South Asian immigrant.

“A light bulb went off for me at this Trump rally,” stated Saleem, referencing numerous anti-Muslim remarks seemingly supported by Trump. “I’m used to a few of my Republican brothers shouting slurs at me. They confuse me for the enemies of our great nation and it can happen to anyone, really. That’s why I drape myself in an American flag whenever I’m in public.”

“But after Mr. Trump responded and called Muslims ‘horrible ragheads,’ everyone started looking at me. A few minutes went by and security guards escorted me out at gunpoint. That kind of hurt. I’m confused? Maybe this was a bad idea.”

Saleem noted remarks from Trump, Carson and Cruz also have him questioning whether or not Republicans understand or have even read the constitution. While re-evaluating his political views, Saleem reiterated he’s “a patriotic American” and made numerous requests nobody beat him up because of his name or the way he looks.

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