Muslim Satirical Publication Struggles To Get Through This Shit "This is crap. He wasn't supposed to win."


Expressing disappointment they couldn’t publish a slue of articles on the night of Trump’s presumptive loss, writers at the popular Islamica News publication expressed anger and frustration on the election of their new orange overlord.

“This is crap. He wasn’t supposed to win,” lamented one writer. “I spent over 15 minutes writing new material and it’s all gone to waste.”

An estimated three articles and two pictures, one an infographic, were carnage as a result of Trump’s win. Management, however, stated some optimism some content could be repurposed in four years.

“Of course it doesn’t help that he keeps stealing our material before we can publish it,” added an intern.

At press time, staff writers were realizing this means four more years of Trump material and promised to churn out more content to jab at bigots, zealots and the people who elect them.

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