Muslims Form New Bloc Vote Organization: ‘Get Backstabbed 2004’

Bloc vote organizers were proud to unveil the a banner featuring the logo for their new campaign.

Washington, DC – The latest wave of political activism among Muslims in the United States has paved the way for a new platform for the 2004 election year. Inspired by George W. Bush’s turning of face, and an overwhelming Muslim bloc vote in 2000, organizers launch ‘Get Backstabbed 2004.’

“Our ongoing strategy is simple and straightforward,” explains organization chair Ismail Harris. “Find the candidate which is the least of the evils.”

Harris’s strategy is consistent with the organization’s tagline: ‘BOOM! The Lesser of Two Evils.’

The ideology behind the new organization is for a dozen individuals to select a single candidate and support them through a monolithic voting platform for the nation’s eight million Muslims.

Harris admits that candidate selection can be very difficult at times, especially when ideas and beliefs are inconsistent with Islam.

“Sometimes you have individuals who support homosexual values, abortion, and marijuana legalization, but at the same time take an anti-Israel stance. BOOM! The lesser of two evils,” Harris says enthusiastically.

Members of the organization realize the faux made with the bloc support of George W. Bush, with other Republicans in 2000, and say they will be more careful with their selection.

‘Get Backstabbed 2004’ Selection Committee Chairperson Aminah McGee says, “The candidate will make several promises to the Muslim people to establish his or her credibility.”

McGee further explains a contingency plan to be deployed after the election. “If the candidate becomes an elected official, and goes against his or her commitments, then we will raise our hands into the air and become very, very angry.”

In his speech to the Muslim community of Troy, candidate Pete Thornton (D) of Michigan said, “I don’t know if I can honor your needs in congress. Heck, I’ll probably vote against any Muslim interest. But what I need right now, is your vote.”

The new organization is expected to hand out rubber knives to drive the ‘backstabbing’ theme home.

Ismail Harris noted, “We’re basically moving at a speed of 500 miles an hour right now, overlooking many important issues. But we need to make some sort of impact if we are to survive as an entity in this country.”

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