New Lota Now Comes with Attached Helping Hand

DHULAO! Brands by Islamica News
DHULAO! Brands unveiled their most innovative lota to date: HELPER 3000.

This week, Dhulao! brands unveiled the HELPER 3000, an innovative lota that features a lifelike, silicone left hand attached to the vessel’s spout. According to the company’s website, HELPER 3000’s adjustable hand and fingers ensure optimal access to cracks and crevices of all sizes.

“The addition of the premium, silicone hand is perfect for folks who don’t want to get in on the dirty,” said product director Rashad Malik.

“It’s also for those who are nostalgic of their childhood, and miss an adult-figure doing it for them. This gives them that experience, while preserving dignity.”

Models come in three skin tones, and the detachable hand is dishwasher safe. The HELPER 3000 went on sale last week, but inventory is wiped out – er – we mean washed out. 

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